TOP 10 Apps for rooted device:

TOP 10 Apps for rooted device:

Here’s a selection of the top 10 apps for rooted devices. The apps have been chosen for their functionality, ensuring that users get premium satisfaction from their devices The numbers of apps in Google play store keeps increasing by the day. The growing number of peoples moving to android has led a requirement for the innovative apps that make the most of the device. As in case with several Linux distributions, only a super user is allowed access to the core system’s components. And most cases, this limited to system apps and those produced by Google to overcome this, users perform a process call rooting which allows super user access to other apps

Over time, you will find that although Smartphone’s and tablets are bundled 

What do you gain? After Rooting Android

 Despite these drawbacks, a number of users continue to root their phones or  tabs, the gains are listed below that 

Delete those pesky apps:

       Did your manufacturer bundle your phone with promotional applications and games that cannot be deleted? Greeks refer to these apps as bloat ware, as they usually take too much space on the device’s memory so, it is always advisable to remove all that your never likely to use. However, you have to be especially careful not to delete

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  • Get rid of unwanted programs

               Free up storage space and memory by uninstalling programs that you don't use

What you might lose? After Rooting Android

  • Bricking your phone

                    When you’re tampering with your phone’s operating system, you should aware that one wrong move could damage the device’s software, turning the phone into a useless brick.
 So if you’re are wary of talking risks please refrain from trying this procedure. Although the risk is minimal, rooting your device is still quite a risky business. So you need to be absolutely sure
 of what you do

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

            The process of rooting in almost all cases challenges several

Root Your Android Device

Should you root your Android device?

             There are many settings that can be tweaked in an android device, however these tweaks are restricted to what the manufacture permits .Rooting an Android device or gaining root access allows tweaking the device at very deep level.

Having the freedom to tweak your operating system has been and will always be of great importance for any open source enthusiast. With GOOGLE backing the portion of Linux based operating system to handheld and portable devices, this freedom has increase manifold. Companies manufacturing mobile phones and handheld devices have had to give in to